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Stunning solo performances steal the show at the 2017 Winter Dance Show

Kaitlyn Valenzuela, Features/A&E Editor

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The dance department has hosted yet another incredible winter dance show for the school and community. With this year’s theme being “Celebrate!,” the amazing dancers and choreographers illuminated the night with beautiful performances by the award-winning dance team, hip-hop team, and the talented dance classes. All performances sparked the audience with fun and heart-wrenching emotion as the dancers took over the stage.

Although the night consisted of various performances, dancers a part of the graduating class of 2018 had the opportunity to perform and choreograph their own solo performance. These dances were the pivotal moments of the show and made the crowd go wild and wipe away tears. However, most audience members do not fully analyze the significance behind these performances because they are so captivated by the graceful movements.

Every performance tells a story and the dancers intend to tell it to their audience. The experiences they’ve endured in life has shaped their character and they swiftly share those experiences through dancing. To give an insight on what the senior dancers have constructed within their solos, they complied to share the meanings behind their performances.

Victoria Williams, a senior, performed and choreographed her own solo for the 2017 Winter Dance show. She performed to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” making it an energetic show to watch for all audience members. “It’s just kind of fun; Last year I did a really sad and somewhat depressing solo and this year I wanted to do something different,” she comments on her choice of song and the style behind her dance.

Kaitlyn Valenzuela
Senior Victoria Williams takes the stage as she dances to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“The bad things in life inspire me to dance because it’s a good way to express myself. I’m also not very good at talking to people about my problems so dancing them makes it a lot easier,” Victoria adds. Being on the dance team has taught her to become a better person and to give it your all with everything that you do. However, there comes a price when you are fully dedicated to a passion and that sacrifice for Victoria is sleep.

Another senior dance member, Rosa Ponce de Leon, performed her solo to “Game of Survival” by Ruelle and shared the message that life will always throw obstacles at you but you must find ways to survive and overcome them. “It is a contemporary styled dance which has always been my preference. I dedicate my dance to my family for always being there for me and always telling me to keep trying no matter how hard things get,” Rosa passionately states. Dance has been her passion since she was in 8th grade and finds it fun having team members that will always be there for her and because she gets to dance with them by their side.

Kaitlyn Valenzuela
Rosa Ponce de Leon, a senior, gracefully dances on stage. She has been on the dance team since her sophomore year.

“There were a few times where I wasn’t able to accomplish a certain task but that didn’t make me give up; I learned, worked hard, and was able to achieve what I had to do,” she says. Because being on the dance team does require many hours of hard work and practice, Rosa says she misses her sleep dearly as well. Overall, she is a dedicated dancer and is beyond grateful to be a part of a wonderful group of people.

One of the most heart-wrenching dances was performed by senior Emily Navas who danced to “All I Want” by Kodaline. “I dedicated my solo to my mom. She was the main person who supported me throughout my dancing experience throughout high school. The other reason being that she passed away and I love her; this is for her,” she says. Responsibility is the biggest lesson she has learned while being on the dance team and mentions that it has transformed her into a better person too.


Kaitlyn Valenzuela
Emily Navas dedicated her solo to her late mother. Dance is her safe outlet to express her enclosed feelings.

“As a freshmen and sophomore, when I wasn’t on the dance team, I saw the team as a pedestal of greatness and now that I am a part of it I feel a bigger sense of appreciation,” Emily states. And just as the other team members have stated, sleep is something she sacrifices for hard work and success. Even at home, Emily practices her routines but enjoys the cooperation within the dance team.

I’m not good at talking about my feelings so I like to portray my emotions in the way I dance and who I dance for.”

— Emily Navas

Out of all the members on the dance team, only one male member shares the dance floor with them – Richard Hadnot. Although he did not have a solo, he definitely gave a spectacular performance with the rest of the dancers on stage. “Being the only male on the team motivates me to be better and try to be good as the girls,” he tells.

“I’ve noticed that I’ve gained more respect from my peers because they see that I am not doing ‘girly’ dances and I’m proving them that I can dance with anyone,” Richard shares. He also mentioned that dancing helps express himself more and that he, not surprisingly, sacrifices his sleep and some time to work hard in order to become the better dancer he strives to be. In the next dance show, he plans on performing a duet with one of his best friends who is also on the dance team.

Kaitlyn Valenzuela
Richard Hadnot is the only male on the dance team. He appreciates the respect he has gained through this title.

The 2017 Winter Dance Show was a success for the dance department once again and made the night for audiences an astounding one. The dancers show that they are dedicated to not only themselves, but for each other and the passion that sparks it. With the amazing teamwork, passion, and hard work they continue to put into their performances, it is no question that the dancers are incredible individuals who enjoy sharing their artistic side with audiences.


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Stunning solo performances steal the show at the 2017 Winter Dance Show