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1,051 Total Yards, 1 Phenomenal Running Back that is Leaving a Legacy

Khoury Bethley is a running back in the Don Lugo football team. He is one of the top players in the Mt. Baldy League. Photo courtesy of Daniel Pahutan

Khoury Bethley is a running back in the Don Lugo football team. He is one of the top players in the Mt. Baldy League. Photo courtesy of Daniel Pahutan

Khoury Bethley is a running back in the Don Lugo football team. He is one of the top players in the Mt. Baldy League. Photo courtesy of Daniel Pahutan

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There is nothing more inspiring than a high school athlete working hard and going through excruciating practice to become one of the highest performing athletes in the region. Senior varsity running back Khoury Bethley has overcome intense obstacles and has achieved numerous titles to reach the level of proficiency that has opened plenty of doors of opportunities. But being a top student-athlete is not an easy task and Khoury has proven that with struggle, comes great rewards.

Khoury has been a part of the field since he was six years old and has progressed into the athlete he is now. “My passion for football came from watching my brother play in high school and college and seeing how passionate he was made me develop a passion for the game,” he adds on about his commitment to the sport. As he grew older, coaches began to notice his incredible athletic abilities when he was just ten years old — already grasping the attention of coaches at such an early age that would then turn into something bigger.

However, football is not the only sport Khoury is able to execute; baseball and basketball play a role in his athletic career. Amazingly enough, he was nominated for the SoCal Prep Legends Boys Athlete of the Week in the spring of his junior year for his phenomenal skills in baseball. Unfortunately, he lost by a 110 votes but it did not undermine his outstanding abilities and his passion for sports — it only made him want to keep going.

One of the most impactful events that has transformed him into who he is today is the unfortunate passing of his mother that occurred when he was only six years old. “My mom passing away is what pushes me to work hard so I can make her proud,” he truthfully says. He has paid tribute to her in multiple matches by proudly wearing “RIP Mom” on his football gear.

Khoury has been getting college scouts’ interest after his sophomore year. He got his first offer in the spring of his junior year. Photo courtesy of Daniel Pahutan.

Although he has gone through difficult obstacles and tragedies in his life, it did not stop him from becoming a better player and strive for the success that comes with hard work. Khoury’s perseverance has granted him the most amazing opportunities including scouts that have loved his athletic performance and have even granted him scholarships. Due to his extraordinary ranks and achievements, Khoury was granted seven scholarships that would allow him to continue his education in college while playing the sport he loves — football.

Out of the seven scholarships, the University of Hawaii granted him a full-tuition scholarship and he has had the honor to fully commit to their school. Khoury’s other top three options were Montana State, University of New Mexico, and University of Texas El Paso but decided on the University of Hawaii to continue his education and play football. “I committed to the University of Hawaii because I had a really strong relationship with the whole coaching staff and I liked how they wanted to use me on defense. My friend also got an offer from Hawaii and he loved them too so we are going to college together,” he excitedly adds.

It was a huge blessing — a life long dream that will soon turn to a reality”

— Khoury Bethley on being offered a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Hawaii

Since he has committed to the University of Hawaii, he plans on getting his degree in kinesiology while he studies there. For the rest of his future plans, he adds on, “If I’m able to keep playing the game of football professionally, then I will definitely keep playing.” Khoury makes it clear that although he is in love with the sport, he really does put his education first and remembers that he is a student before he is an athlete.

Khoury has committed to the University of Hawaii. He plans on getting his degree in kinesiology. Photo courtesy of Khoury Bethley and Explosive Athletic Training.

As for the varsity football team, they have been doing a fantastic job this season and have a record of 5-1 in the Mt. Baldy League so far and even won the annual Milkman game back-to-back. With great teamwork and sportsmanship, the team can easily be guaranteed a win but they also deal with loss. So what is it like to lose when you are apart of one of the best high school football teams in the Inland Empire? Well, Khoury had this to say: “I mean, as bad as losing is, it has its perks. It really is a wake up call for us and that we can’t just show up and win every time. Since the loss against Troy, we have straightened some things out and learned from our mistakes and we will bounce back.”

Khoury, being a senior, will be graduating in the spring of 2018 and will soon be a “Warrior” of the University of Hawaii before he knows it. Considering he is one of the best players on the football team and running backs in the league, he obliged to offer some advice to other aspiring high school athletes. “Always work hard. Whether you’re working out by yourself or practicing with your team, always go 110% because you never know who is watching or noticing you,” he urges.

There is no doubt that he will be considered a “legend” to the Conquistadores football team. He has earned himself the praise and titles that anyone in the Don Lugo community can agree with and has only made his peers, coaches, and advisers proud. When asked about what legacy he wants to leave here, he says, “I want to leave a legacy that will impact others and inspires them to be the best they can be, always work hard, and stay humble.”

Any obstacle that intervenes in Khoury’s life is nothing he can’t handle. He shows his dedication on the field and outside the field which has only brought him opportunity after opportunity. The Conquistadores couldn’t be more proud of him and he will continue to strive for his goals of becoming the best he can be wherever his journey takes him.

To watch Khoury’s highlights, click on the link below:

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1,051 Total Yards, 1 Phenomenal Running Back that is Leaving a Legacy