Inspiring sixteen-year-old girl is named hero of Chino

Kacey Rosales is this years 2017 Young Adult Community Hero Award winner on the Chino day at the LA County Fair for her leadership skills and her hard work.

Infographic by Staff

Kacey Rosales is this years 2017 Young Adult Community Hero Award winner on the Chino day at the LA County Fair for her leadership skills and her hard work.

Anthony Romero and Priscilla Corona

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Not all heroes wear capes or have “super powers” but this particular individual is recognized for much more than just her brains. High school student Kacey Rosales is an “ideal citizen” according to the City of Chino. She has been extremely dedicated and highly involved in the community.

Not only does Kacey balance a handful of extracurricular activities and outside involvements but she manages to do so while still maintaining a high GPA. Throughout the years she has been involved in a number of activities including the TOP program, Chino Boxing Club, and volunteering at the Neighborhood Activity Center. These programs are impressive but her main recognition comes from the Chino PD Explorer Program which she has been involved with the longest.

Community service clerk typist, Denise Pohl had quite a few things to say about Kacey. Denise stated that Kacey is “A fantastic volunteer and learned everything that was taught to her very quickly. She was kind and considerate of all the customers; she was always willing to help and is a smart young lady,”. Denise also commented, “I am very proud to say that she trains here and that I got to know her.”.

Kacey stands by her fellow Explorers showing respect to the program. she shows leadership and proves she is a great role model. Kacey was promoted sergeant in 2016.

The Chino Police Explorer Program gives young people a view into the world of Law Enforcement by challenging the Explorers mentally and physically. The requirements for this program is to be between the ages of 14-21 years old, you must also have a 2.5 GPA and have a successful background check. Another requirement for this Program is to have an utmost dedication to moral and ethical conduct with the desire to serve the Chino community with professionalism and honor.

Almost three years ago, in March 2015 Kacey’s life changed when she decided to join The Chino Explorer Program and work with the Law Enforcement because she wanted to support and help the community. Kacey started when she was 14 years old and has been working ever since, quickly gaining respect from both of the Explorer advisers. With Kacey’s great attitude and hardworking skills, she was promoted to the rank of Explorer Sergeant in December of 2016.

She stays in charge of all event sign-ups and shows great leadership skills when it comes to watching over her fellow Explorers. She assists in various jobs such as special events, community outreach, traffic details and more. Kacey has also worked with the Crime Prevention Unit in programs like the National Night Out, Red Ribbon Week, Youth Citizen Police Academy, Citizen Academy and other various events happening in the community of Chino.

Kacey was awarded the Chino’s 2017 community hero award. Her hard work paid off and she received the recognition she deserves. She stands next to her chief in this photo.

Kacey was recently awarded the Chino’s 2017 Young Adult Community Hero Award on Chino day at the LA County Fair for her leadership skills and hard work. Many of her advisers and fellow explorers see her as “a true hero and someone that is always passionate about what she is accomplishing”, wrote Olivia Applegate, Crime Prevention Specialist, in her nomination letter,

Kasey is an extremely motivated, professional, and courteous young woman. She is dependable and reliable”

— Olivia Applegate

Kacey had no idea she was nominated for the award. When Kacey found out she was receiving the award, it was a very proud moment for her. She stated, “I am just honored that I was able to serve and help out my community. I was not expecting to get awarded for volunteering. I am just very thankful because I got into the Chino Police Explorer program. I am glad I met so many amazing people in the program; they all motivated and helped me. But most importantly, they believed in me and I see them as my second family.”

Kacey is an extraordinary example of a role model and she could inspire many people within the community to get involved and become better citizens, not only of Chino but all around. She is someone who will make an impact as she furthers her dreams and continues being the person she is. No matter where Kacey decides to take her journey after high school, whether it is in the city of Chino or not, she will take her experience with the Chino Explorers program with her and she will continue to be the hero she is in the long run.

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