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Dance Show Review: ‘The Story of My Life’

Kaitlyn Valenzuela, Reporter

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The Don Lugo Dance department delivered wonderful performances, as always, and made it rather an emotional roller coaster of heart-warming dances! The dance team, hip-hop team, and all other dance classes gave it their all on the last night of the final dance production of the school year. This final show was also the last time all senior dancers performed together as a team, bringing tears and life-long memories on stage which showed true passion in their performances.

Seniors on the dance and hip-hop team choreographed dances that made the audience watch in awe and have fun, making the event a spectacular showdown. A performance that warmed hearts was from the amazing ‘Hearts and Heroes club’ who danced the night away and caused the crowd to cheer and give a standing ovation! It was an astounding performance and brought smiles upon all the audience members.

Another performance that was heart-wrenching, but beautifully constructed, was a dance specifically dedicated, in loving memory, to the mother of dance team member Emily Navas. It was an emotional dance that brought the crowd to tears; an intimate environment that everyone shared. All dancers during the performance showed real emotion and did striking choreography making it one of the most exquisite dance numbers the dance department has done.


The dance classes gave performances that were absolutely fun and audacious with music genres raging from salsa, jazz, and modern pop. The dancers showed their potential and incredible talent for all to see  and proved they are more than just students taking a dance class but that they are true dancers who are passionate about what they do. Some members of the dance and hip-hop team also participated in several of their dances as well – very diverse of course!

To end the show, all dance teams and classes performed to the iconic musical movie, Grease, using songs such as “Grease,” “Summer Nights,” Grease Lightnin’,” “Born to Hand Jive,” and “You’re the One that I Want.” It was a classic way to end a dance show and revolutionized the finales the dance department hosts. The audience became rowdy and danced along in their seats from the excitement the performances was giving them.

The seniors did their traditional performance in which they dance for one final time and pass on their dance team jackets to the junior members. It was a beautiful experience to witness their last moments on the Don Lugo stage.

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Dance Show Review: ‘The Story of My Life’