San Bernardino Shooting: How would you deal with the aftermath?


School shootings are, no doubt, one of the scariest things a parent and a child can go through. The confusion and the fear left behind can make an impact on someone’s mind. Photo from public domain.

Chris Cuadras , Commentary Writer

How do parents and children deal with the aftermath of a school shooting? How would you send your child back to that school? Personally, I wouldn’t because of the fear that my child would be suffering, along with myself. I would also send my child to some sort of counseling to get through the traumatizing event that a shooting is. The biggest problem I have with this type of situation is what kind of person has the nerve and audacity to cause such a big deal out of something that could have been dealt with? Apparently he wasn’t in a correct mindset to talk it out and “had” to do what he did.

April 10, 2017 at 10:27 a shooting occurred at North View Elementary involving two adults, the shooter and the teacher, along with two injured students within the classroom this occurred. The police have stated that this shooting was intentional; which is completely and utterly crazy, right? All the other students who were at the school were evacuated to the nearest high school (Cajon High School), where the parents could pick their child up from there. The two injured students were taken to Cal State San Bernardino for treatment.

Something about this just gives me the chills because this is not the first time an event like this has happened, the most recent thing, being the mass shooting at the workplace in San Bernardino. This is also why I think teachers should be allowed to have a fire arm with them for situations like these specifically to either reduce or completely put an end to these shootings. Parents, like my own, would agree that it would make schools safer then they already are because if just anyone can walk onto an elementary school campus with a gun and shoot people why not let the teachers have one also?

This has caused so much confusion and many people are upset. A parent from a student within the classroom where the shooting took place said, “It’s just so nerve racking”. I agree with this parent 100% because they don’t have all the details and their child was in the classroom of the shooting, so of course she is going to be distraught. No one, parent or student, should have to go through such an event like this, because the mental travesty that would be left would be horrendous.

Even the San Bernardino school district’s superintendent has children going to school within those schools and had something to say about this. “I have my own kids in the district within a stones throw of where this tragic event occurred and it is going to take time to heal.” The super intendant is correct in that this is going to take time to heal from this because this should not be happening at all.

The school is being closed for two days because of this, but even then, I would tell my child that they could go back to school whenever they feel emotionally stable enough to face the place. Shootings are stressful and scary and awful. Like the superintendent said, everyone needs time to heal.