Don Lugo competes in Cowbell: a four school swim tournament


Johnny Palavecino

Don Lugo’s very own Sabrina Perez competed in a 50 sprint Friday the 17th at cowbell. Sabrina expressed,”I feel like the girls are my sisters. I really love the team, and i want everyone to cheer each other on and to make everyone feel like family. That’s really my goal this year!” The swim team is considered to be family for the swimmers, and they have the moral support of one another in every meet they compete in.

Don Lugo’s girls varsity swim team competed in the Cowbell at Chino Hills High School against Chino Hills, Ayala, and Chino. The Cowbell is a tournament where all four schools compete against each other in the same races but in different heats. Heats are divisions where swimmers are put based on their swim times. Don Lugo faces Chino and Chino Hills faces Ayala. The girls varsity swim team came in 4th place during the competition and gave it their best effort.

Before the meet, Coach Lizer stated,”We are looking forward to competing against Chino, because in the last meet they beat us by 1 point… so we want redemption.” After the meet he added, “I think our girls did a good job, they are very supportive of each other, the girls did a good job with their times.”

Every year, for the Cowbell, the Coaches come together and do something special during the meet, but for this year Coach Lizer, Chris Cuadras, Coach Raquel, and Karina Rizo were able to compete in the JV boys 200 free relay race, because Don Lugo boys swim team didn’t show up to compete.

Kristina Rizo, Varsity swimmer, commented, “My team is new but is still learning pretty quick.” She also advises,”I think with enough practice and with Raquel’s crazy sets we will be great. I think we will be pretty good because we moved up 2 fast freshmen this year so I am hoping we will do our best in our meets.”

The girls’ next meet is on March 22 at Ontario High School.