A Salute to JROTC


This logo represented the Sergeant’s classrooms that were in charge of the JROTC program. Former JROTC member Israel Rodriguez commented, “I’m sad because this program benefited those interested in a military career.” Photo by Tatiana Arenas, Quest News Reporter.

Tatiana Arenas, News Reporter

After 10 years of being the only school in the CVUSD with a JROTC program, it is being discontinued due to low enrollment. The program is required to have over 100 students minimum to maintain the program. However, this year would have been the third year that the enrollments dropped below 100 leaving the program with only 29 students enrolled.

Due to this issue the army does not want to continue funding a program that is not cost effective. In addition, because of the departure of Sergeant Eckols, Sergeant Briseno cannot take on one single program by herself. Gabriel Boyer, former JROTC member sadly realizes, “There’s nothing left to do.”

Sergeant Briseno adds, “I feel bad for my students because I know that this program was very important, it had a lot of benefits, and it did do a lot for the students.” If the former JROTC members would like to continue this program they would have to transfer to another district, with the closest being Montclair High School. Although the program is not in full effect anymore, past JROTC member Israel Rodriguez states, “We will do our best to still raise and lower the flag without affiliation towards JROTC.”