Don Lugo Receives Six Year Accreditation from WASC

John Ashby


Photo Courtesy: Mr. John Ashby

Dr. Cabrera and the administrative team visited the classrooms of the key teachers who helped put the WASC report together. Dr. Cabrera is featured here reading the letter from WASC in Mrs. Lord’s English class.

Staff Writer, Guest to the Quest

Dr. Kimberly Cabrera interrupted 5th period on the intercom today to announce the exciting news of Don Antonio Lugo High School’s six year accreditation status according to a letter she received from the Western Association of School’s and Colleges (WASC), “It is the decision of the Commission to grant Six-Year Accreditation Status with a Mid-cycle Two-day Visit through June 30, 2022.”

Don Lugo hosted the WASC visiting team back in March in hopes of a six-year accreditation status, and now administration and staff are excited to announce the news and celebrate the accomplishment. Dr. Cabrera commented, “I don’t know how we’re going to celebrate, but it’s going to be big!”

Superintendent Joseph was one of the first to congratulate Dr. Cabrera and her staff, while Assistant Principal Imelda Carrizosa, was quick to congratulate the entire Lugo family but had special thank you’s to those teachers and support staff who helped write reports, collect data, process information, and create presentations. The administrative team was eager to visit classrooms and acknowledge all of the hard work that came with keeping the communication open with 80+ staff members during WASC’s visit and the culmination of the final WASC report.

Feature story to come soon…