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California flooding

January 20, 2023


Coast Guard Officer Todd George wades through a flooded area as part of disaster assistance. Image by the U.S. Coast Guard

With all this heavy rainfall coming to California, cities are being affected by flash floods, mudslides, and stormwater flooding. Brianna Lara, a senior student at Don Lugo, comments, “I’m currently staying with my aunt and her entire yard gets flooded every time there is heavy rain. Her laundry room and bathroom are not connected to her room, so she isn’t even able to leave her room to wash laundry or go to the bathroom without stepping into several inches of water.” Because of such disasters coming to people’s livelihood, California provides accommodations to the people affected by the floods; the California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA) provides financial aid to public agencies, in a few cases, individuals. Though for individuals, the state only has the country‚Äôs accommodations instead of the state having its own accommodations.

Despite that, California does have an information site that can help you be prepared for floods, whether or not you will be affected, it tells you what you should prepare to take with you, what to do when evacuating, or what to do when you do not have to evacuate, and what you should be doing when there is a flood warning. The tips included are knowing where your community’s emergency plans are, such as evacuation routes and locations of emergency shelters. That is not to say that the state’s officials are not trying to help the people, it is just that they have no other accommodations for floods.

On the contrary, California Department of Water Resources is committed to flood management to improve not only the safety of the people but also enhance the emergency responses, and preparedness. The California Department of Water Resources provides grant-funded programs to help control floods, provide assistance to local agencies to prepare from disasters caused by the floods, and reduce the occurrence and consequences of flooding.

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