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Justine Ramirez

Don Lugo’s head football coach complains to the players about the defeat they just faced with the 36-0 final score of the game vs. El Rancho. Don Lugo football had a 9-1 season with their first time head coach Jae Kim. “I told the team you guys have got to pull it together or you’re going to keep losing this season,” said Kim.

0-5 Football team is losing hope but aim to win remaining games

Don Lugo Football has not gotten off to a great start and is 0-5 at this point. Five games into the season, football has been struggling and according to many people, they are losing hope for the team also because of losing time with Covid-19. But in fact, there is still a league that is to be played which are the last three games against teams that are in Lugo’s division.

What people don’t know is that these teams in Don Lugo’s league, are also doing very bad and have had a bad start to their season as well. The record combined with all of the teams that are in the division is 4-19, making the last 3 games still very winnable. The main problem that Lugo Football is having is still having hope after all of the games that they have lost which have mostly all been blowouts.

” We have to stay focused and stay mentally in the game because everyone tends to not be serious and slack off at practice, I feel like we could be better if we stayed focused instead of messing around,” said Junior Jason Armendariz. Don Lugo Football has only scored twice which was against El Segundo in week three. Trying to keep your head up during these times and zone out all the outside talk from other people can get difficult.

“The main problem that we have is people on the team get affected by what others have to say about them and causes a lack of motivation and almost no point to play,” said Luke. Having this problem and lack of motivation is one of the hardest things to deal with in sports. This is one of the biggest problems that the football team is having and they are trying to figure out a way to improve and focus on themselves and what they can do to get better.

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