‘Devious Lick’ trend causes bathroom closures and sign-in requirements


Adrie Villa

A student sneakily puts clock into a backpack to steal and take home as part of the ‘devious lick’ trend. “Why would a student take my clock?” questioned Mr. Cantos.

Adrie Villa, Sports Editor

Another crazy, viral and illegal trend has taken over tik tok, and many students across the country have taken part in it. Known as the ‘Devious Lick’ Challenge, students aim to take the best piece of school property home to show off to their social media followers on Tik Tok. This has caused hundreds of school property items to be stolen and the Administration is starting to catch on.

It started off small, stealing hand soap dispensers, and room number plates but it quickly escalated. Students started stealing larger items such as paper towel dispensers, fire extinguishers, and urinals. One student from Atascadero High School managed to steal a bathroom stall door. This illegal trend has shocked High Schools Admin with their students’ ability to steal large items without the notice of adults.

Some schools are trying to enforce clear backpacks in order to discourage students from these illegal activities. Other attempts to stop students from stealing include closing bathrooms, and requiring students to sign into the bathroom every time they go.

Don Lugo has started to crack down on students stealing from the bathrooms as well. When using the largest bathroom on campus, it is necessary for students to sign in with the admin providing their first and last name, and the teacher they have at the moment. Janitors have also closed the other 2 bathrooms on campus leaving only the largest; and the one you have to sign in to, open for students use.

How would students feel if they got something stolen from their bedroom.

— Mr. Cantos

Mr. Cantos, a Chemistry teacher at Don Lugo has been affected by this trend. Last Tuesday is when Cantos realized that an old clock that had sat in the back of his classroom had been taken. Although an old clock, Mr. Cantos does not appreciate the property of his classroom being stolen.

“At the end of the day, it’s stealing and I would want my clock back,” Cantos says. He says that he is confused as to why students would take these items, especially ones taken from school bathrooms. This trend has continued on Tik Tok to see which student can steal the ‘best’ item.

Students are starting to notice the trends’ increasing popularity as well. Don Lugo students agree with admin that the trend has gotten out of hand. “I honestly don’t get it at all, and they are going to get in trouble,” said Senior Arianna Hernandez.

The Don Lugo Student Handbook says that any student found to have ‘Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property’ can be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion. Don Lugo admin are trying to stop this trend from happening on a much bigger scale as it has at other schools by assuring students that there will be consequences for their actions.

As of September 19, Tik Tok has announced that they will be taking down any videos labeled as ‘Devious Lick’ as they violate community guidelines. As Tik Tok tries to eliminate this illegal activity on their end, schools are trying their best to verbally warn students about the legal troubles of stealing school property in hope that the stolen items will be returned and nothing will get taken again.