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BREAKING NEWS: Disneyland temporarily shuts down in response to new policy from Govenor Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new policy Thursday afternoon prohibiting mass gatherings of 250+ people to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus. In that same announcement, he stated the closure of amusement parks such as;  Universal Studios Hollywood, California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort, and Los Angeles Zoo.

The Walt Disney Co. announced the temporary shutdown of Disneyland and California Adventure parks in Anaheim in response to the rising COVID-19 concerns as well as the new policy. The closure is to go into effect this Saturday, March 14, and last through to the end of this month.

Los Angeles Zoo and Universal Studios Hollywood are also planned to be closed to the end of March, as well as countless other events of different sizes. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a huge impact on the lives of Californians, and it’s expected that more events and locations will discontinue business to contain COVID-19.


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