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Mrs. Annette Deming, CJE
Mrs. Annette Deming has been the adviser of the Quest News since 2013. Mrs. Deming came to Don Lugo from Diamond Bar High School and is in her 7th year of teaching. She has a bachelor of arts degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Fullerton. She has a master of education degree in best practices and a master of arts degree in English literature from National University. Mrs. Deming is an ASNE Reynolds Institute fellow from the University of Missouri.  In 2014, she was one of 140 teachers chosen from across the country to participate in this prestigious group of advisers who spent an intense two weeks in Columbia, MO learning how to expand the journalism program at Don Lugo High School.  She was awarded her Certified Journalism Educator credential in 2014 in Washington DC on the same day she indirectly saved the President of the United States life. In 2016, she was awarded the 1st Amendment Press Freedom Award for her week-long event and lesson plans for teaching 1st amendment rights to students. In 2018, she was awarded the Rising Star award in Dallas, Texas by the Journalism Education Association for her excellent work as an adviser in her first five years of teaching. She is the President of the Southern California Inland Empire Journalism Education Association where she offers support and write-off competition opportunities to the advisers and students of journalism and yearbook programs throughout the Inland Empire.

This year, Mrs. Deming connected with the Los Angeles Times HS Insider and prepared this years staff to write and be published with the LA Times. Over 20 stories were published this year by student journalists. The 2019-2020 staff also set out to achieve their first SNO Distinguished Site Badge and ended their year in quarantine with three badge awards.

Deming has attended, judged, and escorted students to compete in journalism writing at the National Journalism Convention in the following locations:

  • Washington DC (2014)

  • Los Angeles, CA (2016)

  • Dallas, TX (2017)

  • Seattle, WA (2017)

  • San Francisco, CA (2018)

  • Anaheim, CA (2019)

  • Washington DC (2019)

  • Nashville, TN (2020) (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

Currently, Mrs. Deming is working on her Master of Journalism Credential and has been invited to participate in the PBS NewsHour 10th Annual Teacher Workshop for broadcasting news this summer.

What she loves about advising the Quest News is the growth from every reporter and the program in general. "Every year it seems like I always say, "This was the best year!" but every year they get better and better.

When Mrs. Deming isn't advising Quest News she is teaching English 10 honors and directing the theater program.

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Mrs. Annette Deming, CJE, Adviser

Feb 04, 2018
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Mrs. Annette Deming, CJE