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The student reporters on this page are writers and/or have been published by the Los Angeles Times HS Insider and are working towards having a future career or continuing their education in journalism, radio, tv broadcast, and/or film.

You can read their stories below:

  1. Students gravitate to technology as a way of cheating by Aiden Deming
  2. Stephen Cabrera hits the ground running by Gary Garcia & Edward Lillie
  3. The war on ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ becomes the war on progress by Karly Ortiz
  4. Social media is a go-to platform for broadcasting by Aiden Deming
  5. Don Lugo celebrates first annual Student Press Freedom Day by Valerie Torres
  6. L.A. County and Chino Valley Unified School District release statements of coronavirus prevention by Aiden Deming

Quest News reporters and editors: Karly Ortiz, Anthony Winslow, Valerie Torres, Aiden Deming, and Jennifer Pineda attend the Winter IRL workshop hosted by PBS KCET and the Los Angeles Times HS Insider. Students viewed, “College Admissions” an episode on PBS NewsHour about the business side of college admissions.

Winter IRL is an opportunity for all HS Insider editors and reporters to come together and meet for the first time or reunite.






Los Angeles Times HS Insider