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Amazon Echo helps solve murder

Police in Bentonville, Arkansas have recovered an Amazon Echo device to use the storage in solving a murder. The storage on the device has 4 gigabytes, but there is no way to access the storage. Details of the case have not been released but the police have taken the subject into custody.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

January 11, 2017

Amazon Echo may be the key to solving a murder in Bentonville, Arkansas. The popular smart device was found in the same house the murder took place in. Police ended up seizing the device to attempt to use the recordings to find any clues as to how the altercation occurred. The Amazon Echo is a smart...

Consumer Electronics Show 50th anniversary

Tech companies swarm to Las Vegas to introduce new gadgets to consumers at the annual consumer electronics show, CES. For 50 years CES has been the go to place to present prototypes of future consumer prototypes. Many consumers ranging from phone users to tech geeks are being draw to test and give feedback.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

January 6, 2017

Tech companies swarm to Las Vegas to introduce new gadgets to consumers at the annual consumer electronics show, CES. Every year for the past 50 years, consumers ranging from casual phone users to tech geeks gather at CES to witness the 'next big thing' that companies have come up with. With more than...

Say goodbye to checkout lines!

No matter how long your shopping list may be, you may get all your wanted items with no waiting in line. Amazon Go will open its first store in early 2017. Lugo students look forward to local stores being opened in the near future.

Mau Mendoza, Reporter

December 14, 2016

Amazon revolutionizes shopping with Amazon Go by getting rid of the hassle that comes with checkout lines! By simply using the Amazon app, customers walk into the Amazon store, grab the items they want and leave without ever having to wait in a line. All this is possible by using computer vision, sensor...

Pantelligent the Smart Frying Pan

Pantelligent is able to help teach anybody how to cook. The smart frying pan has an app that connects the users phone to the pan and tells the user when to add any extra ingredients. Pantelligent is for retail for $129 on the Pantelligent website.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

December 14, 2016

CircuitLab Inc. has invented an intelligent frying pan, Pantelligent. Pantelligent is a frying pan that is able to help teach anybody how to cook. The frying pan includes an app that has a variety of different recipes that are simple for the user to try and learn how to cook. Pantelligent has a bluetooth...

Flexo: the new, flexible and creative way to build

Kickstarter has recently funded

Camille Encarnacion, Reporter

December 12, 2016

Kickstarter is the largest funding platform company for creative projects and they have recently funded a Lego-like invention called "Flexo." Flexo bricks are a set of building bricks and flexible joints, which enables creators to build models with a less rigid feel. This invention may just be the...

Netflix on the go!

Netflix content may now be viewed offline. Lugo students displayed positive feelings to the announcement. Only mobile devices using the latest version of the app may use the more convenient feature.

Mau Mendoza, Reporter

December 5, 2016

  Don Lugo binge watchers celebrate as Netflix now allows users to view content offline! The mega company confirmed year long rumors of allowing offline playback which means internet connection will no longer be a problem for millions. As of right now, most shows and movies may be saved for...

Google in your home

Google has unveiled their latest advancement of an in-home AI assistant, Google Home. Its a device that has several functions throughout the house, like turning on lights and it gives people reminders on what they have to do in their day. Google Home is now available for $129.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

November 30, 2016

Google revealed their latest voice-activated AI that connects to the user's home and devices, Google Home. Google Home is a device that is able to connect with other smart devices like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hue. It has several features that it can control in a house, like being able to set the...

NASA is offering $30,000 for the best invention

NASA has created a

Camille Encarnacion and Paola Espinosa

November 29, 2016

NASA is hosting a contest to create the most efficient waste release device for the Modified Advanced Crew Escape Suit, a suit that will be used for the future Orion craft missions to deep-space, and is offering a prize of $30,000 for the best invention. Astronauts are currently using extremely absorbent...

Neutrogena neutralizes acne with new mask

Famous skin health giant, Neutrogena released a acne treatment mask just using LED lights. Most Beverly Hills light treatments are $400, while the mask is $34.99. The comercial for the Mask featured actress Olivia Holt.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

November 20, 2016

Famous Skin health company, Neutrogena, released an acne mask that uses just red and blue LED lights. In a commercial featuring actress Olivia Holt, Neutrogena introduced the Sci-fi looking mask. Most Beverly-hills beauty salons charge near to $400 for each treatment visit, but the mask costs only $34.99. The...

Vulgar Comments Blocked; Instagram restricts inappropriate language with a new filter

Since August, Instagram has a new filter. The filter is allowing users to ban any rude or inappropriate comments in their posts. With this filter it will help prevent cyber bullies to  a lot of users.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

November 18, 2016

Instagram is allowing users to ban any words that they don't want to appear in their posts. Users now have a filter that blocks any rude or inappropriate comments on their posts. Users will have to go to the Settings, click the Comments category and switch to "Hide Inappropriate Comments" to activate...

Update 1.5 infiltrates Overwatch today

Overwatch's biggest update went live today, and brought with it a ton of changes to heroes and introduced a brand new map, character, and a slew of game modes in the Arcade. The changes made in the update were mainly intended to balance the game in preparation of the new competitive season coming on the 23rd. The 20 million players of Overwatch, some of which attend Lugo, are more than excited for the update and the new features it brings to the game.

Marissa Reinhart, Tech Editor

November 15, 2016

Overwatch's update 1.5 was released today for all platforms, bringing several balance changes to heroes and minor bugfixes, but most notably what it brought to live servers is the new offense hero, Sombra the hacker, a new map, and the Arcade Mode. Launched by Blizzard in May, Overwatch has accumulat...

Yondr phone cases save concert entertainment

A start up company is trying to get rid of the distraction of phones at concerts. Performer Alicia Keys is one of the few to make it mandatory to enter her shows. For most students, getting your phone taken away is like having your baby stolen from you.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

November 11, 2016

A startup company named Yondr, by Graham Dugoni, started being used in popular venues to get people to put down their phones. Yondr is a small pouch that phones are put in and the pouch can only be opened by a device at the entrance of the venue. A small group of performers have started using Yondr in...