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Proactive Ways Teachers Are Using Phones In The Classroom

Teachers are now using phones in the classroom for educational purposes. The Educational Code of California frowns upon the use of phones on campus. Yet many teachers are taking a more proactive look on the use of phones.

Micheal Everman, Tech Editor

November 11, 2017

Teachers are now using phones in the classroom for educational purposes. Teachers are using online programs on the phone other than just using Google Search. Regardless of if the Educational Code frowns upon the use of phones at school, teachers have decided to utilize cell phones and the information...

New Traceable Tag Allows Users To Know The Location Of Their Belongings

Samsungs new traceable tag lets users know where their belongings are located. The traceable tag is only available for androids. More information for the new Connect Tag will be announced at the next press conference hosted by Samsung.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

November 1, 2017

Samsung is emerging from smartphones to tracking devices. Samsung has also announced a new product, the Samsung Connect Tag, which will allow users to keep track of their pets, children and belongings. According to Samsung it will be the first consumer mobile product to use narrowband network technology. ...

Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8; Which one is Better?

Google has evolved the Google Pixel into a new and better artificial intelligence the Google Pixel 2. Apple is upgrading the iPhone with an all-new design and wireless charging. Both well known companies are battling to be the number one phone market.

Joel Chavez, Tech Reporter

October 12, 2017

Google promises that the Google Pixel 2 will be better than the iPhone 8. Google is improving their first phone, Google Pixel, and evolving to the new Google Pixel 2. The new smartphone, Google Pixel 2, is upgraded with new technology and advanced with powerful artificial intelligence; while Apple is...

New Exciting Update For Super Mario Run; Promises To Bring In Users

The app, Super Mario Run , has released its newest update for IOS and Android in an attempt to draw in more users. The new update includes new worlds, new playable characters and new items for the players to use.  The interactivity is mainly based around repetitive tapping of the screen.

Micheal Everman, Tech Editor

October 2, 2017

The app Super Mario Run, has released it's newest update for IOS and Android in an attempt to draw in more users. Super Mario Run is a recreation of Super Mario Brothers, playable on phones. While there is differences in the layout of the game, due to it's use on mobile devices, the sounds and concept...

Shocking attendance at first gaming club; new and old gamers unite

Gaming club is meant to bring together gamers from all over the campus. The club advisor is Mr. Swift and the current president is Angel Padilla. Photo credit for photography: Micheal Everman

Micheal Everman, Tech Editor

September 8, 2017

Don Lugo has accepted the recent addition of an exciting all new Gaming Club. The club was created to bring together students with an interest in video games of all genres and consoles. The club meets in room 71 at lunch on every Thursday. The number of students exceeded the expectations of the creators...

Beats headphones battery explodes and Apple claims: “Its not our fault”

Apple bought beats for three billion dollars, making it the largest purchase Apple has made to date.

Micheal Everman and Paola Espinosa

May 25, 2017

A pair of Beats headphones exploded on a flight, burning an onboard passenger and endangering the rest. Beats was bought by Apple in 2014, making Apple responsible for the production and any incidents within the brand. Apple blames the "third party (AAA) batteries" for the explosion on the flight, mak...

The technological gifts Don Lugo soon-to-be graduates are wishing for

The end of the school year is approaching and many graduating seniors will need new technology for the places they go next. As picked by seniors at Don Lugo, here are the picks for the top technology gifts for the graduate in your life.

Mau Mendoza, Reporter

May 2, 2017

The graduation countdown has begun! Seniors everywhere have been busy planning for the future, taking note of the necessary tools that will facilitate their next steps. In response, an article by Bradenton Herald  lists some of the latest gadgets that would make a great graduation gift BUT ...

Is it the Geek Squad or the Justice Squad?

Best Buy is being sued for obtaining information from a computer and reporting it to the FBI. There have been proven legal court documents used in the court proving that the FBI has been providing payment to employees of Geek Squad.

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

April 18, 2017

Best Buy is being sued for obtaining information from a computer and reporting it to the FBI. The case comes after a California surgeon was convicted of having child pornography on his laptop. The court documents that have been made public show that Geek Squad has been working with the FBI to crack down...

New YouTube “restricted mode” blocks LGBTQ+ content: effects and how to deactivate

YouTube is using

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

March 24, 2017

YouTube is using "restricted mode" in an attempt to censor any content that relates to the LBGTQ community. The YouTube algorithm uses the restricted mode to block anything that could be in any way potentially explicit or inappropriate. On the other hand, there are millions of videos that are restricted...

Supreme court to overturn social media ban for sexual offenders

The Supreme Court is currently ruling on the law that registered sex offenders can't use social media in North Carolina. While many Don Lugo Students believe that this law was completely justified and be spread, a few quickly disagreed. Some believe that the law is unconstitutional, as it prevents people from using a 'free social media.'

Micheal Everman, Tech Reporter

March 7, 2017

The Supreme Court is currently ruling on the law that states that registered sex offenders can't use social media in North Carolina. The 2008 law prohibits offenders from using social media that allows minors as members. A lawyer of a sexual offender took it to federal court in disagreement of the law,...

The features to look forward to in the Nintendo Switch

The image shows the handheld form of Nintendo's latest product, the Nintendo Switch. After months of great anticipation, the Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase this Friday. Lugo fans have shown great enthusiasm for the release.

Mau Mendoza, Reporter

March 1, 2017

Nintendo's highly anticipated new gaming system will be released for purchase in just a few days! The company announced the 'Nintendo Switch' back in October of 2016, creating huge talk among fanatics at Don Lugo and around the gaming world. Fans may finally experience the Nintendo Switch for themselves...

Sony Playstation’s virtual reality console goes viral and leaves the company in awe

Sony's PlayStation VR is designed to be fully functional with the original PlayStation 4 console, and is able to access several of the games as well. The VR was launched on October 13, but did not begin to sell until the month of February with over 900,000 consoles sold. When retailing began, Sony set a goal to sell over a million PlayStation VR consoles within the next six months, and the rising popularity has had a shocking effect on the company.

Camille Encarnacion and Joel Chavez

February 27, 2017

When Sony initially released the VR Playstation console in late October, the company was extremely cautious of "mass-distributing" to stores, as the concept of virtual reality gaming was not yet widely accepted among the games and entertainment community. With approximately 915,000 consoles sold in...