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Mr.Robinson strums the heart strings of students

Mr.Robinson's sits in front of students, teaching them the craft of music.
November 13, 2018

When some people think of Mr. Robinson, most think math teacher, or an engineering teacher. Those who know him will say he is a music lover who plays the bass and teaches the guitar to Don Lugo students. David...

Strength. Diversity. Passion. 130 girls attend the Young Women’s Leadership Conference, leaving them with unified hope.

The agricultural department hand-crafted the centerpieces that were used for the Young Women's Leadership Conference.
March 28, 2018

The warmth of the sun, the smell of the flowers, the verdant scenery of the farms, and the empowering words of "The Future is Female" hung up for many young girls to see — a welcoming setting for 130...

A coach. A teacher. A father figure: How a community was brought together to save Coach Gano

Students, athletes, coaches, and parents crowd the room as they sit in silence listening to a football player speak on behalf of Coach Gano. The environment was filled with emotion and tension.
February 18, 2018

“He’s safe!” whispered Principal Dr. Cabrera, as she walked out of the Chino Valley Unified School District office. I felt some relief leave my shoulders, but the concerned feeling that sat in the...

Employed students share truthful perspectives about balancing school and work

Employed students share truthful perspectives about balancing school and work
November 1, 2017

Although school can get difficult to manage with the excessive amount of work that comes with it, there are students who are driven to be employed. These students have different or similar reasons as to...

1,051 Total Yards, 1 Phenomenal Running Back that is Leaving a Legacy

Khoury Bethley is a running back in the Don Lugo football team. He is one of the top players in the Mt. Baldy League. Photo courtesy of Daniel Pahutan
October 10, 2017

There is nothing more inspiring than a high school athlete working hard and going through excruciating practice to become one of the highest performing athletes in the region. Senior varsity running back...

Inspiring sixteen-year-old girl is named hero of Chino

Kacey Rosales is this years 2017 Young Adult Community Hero Award winner on the Chino day at the LA County Fair for her leadership skills and her hard work.
September 29, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes or have "super powers" but this particular individual is recognized for much more than just her brains. High school student Kacey Rosales is an "ideal citizen" according to the...

Captivating the Hidden Talents of Highschool Musician Valeria Acevedo

Valeria Acevedo is one of the many talented individuals who roam around campus. It is time her talent becomes recognized by her peers and she has proven to be fearless. With the potential she possesses as a musician, Valeria has endless opportunities coming her way.
September 15, 2017

As you walk along the school halls, you may think you see just another reserved individual, but you would never expect the talent hidden within them. Valeria Acevedo is one of those individuals, who hid...

Relaxing sessions are hosted to help students become less stress during a time of difficulty

Students have working and studying hard for important testing or improving their grades. This has caused plenty of stress among them and some teachers have decided to take action. Photo provided by public domain.
April 27, 2017

As various students prepare for their AP tests this upcoming May, extreme levels of stress have taken over. They are in definite need of a break- one to help their brains cool off and recharge so they...

The Abandoned LA Zoo remains in ruins but continues to be popular among LA residents

The cages of the Abandoned LA Zoo have turned into the canvas for street artists, adding life to what is now decaying. Residents of the Los Angeles area (and most of southern California) visit the old zoo to explore the ruins of what is left. The zoo was closed in 1966 but it has since been opened to the public.
March 21, 2017

Griffith Park is home to an abundance of attractions, some of which include: the Griffith Observatory, the Greek Amphitheatre, the (current) Los Angeles Zoo, the Travel Town train museum, and the iconic...

Black history celebration has shown greater empowerment during a time of diversity within the country

Black history month is celebrated in February for all to appreciate black excellence. Despite social conflict throughout the nation, this year's celebration was phenomenal. Photo courtesy of public domain.
February 28, 2017

February marks the month for black history celebration and recognizing remarkable individuals. The representation black history month is receiving proves the progress of society in realizing the importance...

After a period of uncertainty, curtains are drawn on theater’s new scene

The theater department has been in an awkward stasis the past 3 years, and has finally begun to find some stability. Both students in theater and students who watch the performances feel that theater has taken a turn for a better future under Mrs. Deming's leadership. Mrs. Deming shares that she strives to make theater grow with the creativity of the actors and actresses and helping the young stars create a new sense of relevancy in the world of Lugo.
February 24, 2017

Over the past couple years, theater students have been stuck on a rocky road. They have experienced several changes in the program; having teachers switched each year and having a brand new group of students...

Senior Retreat: The heartfelt experience for enjoying last moments as senior students

The Class of 2017 and staff members that attended this years senior retreat.
February 12, 2017

The class of 2017 has had remarkable achievements in their four years at Lugo. They have a lot to be proud of, to remember, and to celebrate, but now with only 16 Friday's left before graduation, seniors...

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