Join Yearbook 2023-2024

Join Yearbook 2023-2024

Don Lugo High School has been blessed with many great and innovative programs that have forever changed the students that join them. At the pinnacle of this mountain of greatness is Yearbook. 

Yearbook, like Quest News, is a program based on the principles of journalism and reporting. Yearbook, unlike Quest News, has virtually zero problems, the staff never argues and every student that joins in loves it so much, they want to come back during the summer.

Instead of joining a sweatshop of a class, such as an AP class or god forbid Quest News, fill your schedule with Yearbook, a program that will make you smile day by day. Of course there is one problem with Yearbook that no one ever mentions, and it’s that there is only a limited number of spots.

So today April 1st, 2023, we officially will be turning Quest News into a second yearbook class so more students can have the opportunity to smile and laugh with the wonderful and amazing yearbook staff. “When I was given my schedule for this upcoming school year I jumped for joy when I realized I got into the prestigious Yearbook class,” says Logan Hugo a former Quest News reporter turned happy Yearbook staff member. 

Join Yearbook’s 2023-2024 staff and have unlimited fun with no repercussions. Do not let your ego get in the way of joining our amazing yearbook program. Never have I or any student ever complained about working on this years’, or any years’, yearbook! So I urge you to sign the contract while you still can!