Knott’s Berry Farm vs Six Flags


Screenshot taken of the survey sent out to seniors to decide where the senior field trip will take place in.

Denzel Valle, News Reporter

With the senior survey coming out asking seniors whether they want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm or Six Flags for their senior field trip, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of each. Here are the pros and cons of each amusement park to help you with your decision for the senior trip.

Knott’s Berry Farm has been a staple amusement park for students, a go to for schools. Knott’s has unique rides to the park while also having classic attractions, such as a tower drop ride. Knott’s also had sections throughout the theme park that offer an atmosphere throughout the park that makes it enjoyable to go through. The shopping experience and the food also make going to Knott’s a preferable choice for some and others not some much.  Cons would be that Knott’s has been a staple park for graduating students, or just students in general, to go for years, so it may seem stale to some- “I went to Knott’s for my sixth and eight grade field trip so I’m pretty bored of that park by now,” says Bee Lara, a senior who voted for Six Flags. That and the rides are not the whole experience of the park, family is, so that may be a factor to consider.

Six Flags pros on the other hand is that it’s more of a ride oriented park than Knott’s. The fact that Six Flags has way more rides throughout the park may be a factor as to why some may choose it more. As it is a bigger place it has areas that you could go to for shopping, and eating. It also clarifies which rides are on the “maximum” to “moderate” thrills. The cons would be is that it is more expensive than Knott’s Berry Farm, and somewhat lacks an atmosphere throughout the theme park, though some may not care for that.