New hip hop team captains have the moves to inspire

Who are we!? HHT!


Angelina Magadan

The hip hop team is gathered in the center of the gym in their routine huddle where they chant there usual cheer after every practice and performance.

Jazmine Coto, Managing Editor

The Don Lugo Hip Hop Team has 4 new captains who are ready to bring that spark to Lugo nation after being held back for the past year by the pandemic. Energy, charisma, and spunk is what the hip hop team is all about. Captains, Sarena Jacobo, Angelina Magadan, Sophia Martinez, and Melody Thi are excited to end their senior year with the title ‘Captain’ under their belts.

They have been in hip hop for the past 3-4 years and have created some unbreakable bonds with their teammates. “The team has really helped keep me going, everyone is so encouraging and are always willing to help one another”, exclaimed Sarena Jacobo, one of the team captains. Along with the strong foundation of teamwork laid out, the team also has incredible passion for dance. 

One of four captains, Sarena Jacobo sits on the edge of a planter outside of the school gym. “I love just getting to dance, especially being able to dance with my friends,” exclaimed Sarena. (Photo Courtesy: Sarena Jacobo)

There is never a dull moment in the dance room, with the energy always through the roof, there is no room for judgment. “I would say that you’re going to be shy and nervous at first, but it’s basically a second family, nobody is going to judge you, and everybody is really uplifting on the team, so no matter what it’s going to be positive,” said Angelina.

With music blaring, and sweat rolling down their foreheads, it’s as if time freezes when these dancers perform. “The way that hip hop music makes me feel and the way I am able to relate to the lyrics helps fuel my passion for dance, and I feel like it’s a way of expressing who I am,” shared Angelina Magadan. 

The team is constantly working hard and critiquing each choreography to ensure that they are in top shape to perform for an audience. “My will to improve and learn new skills helps keep me going because it motivates me to want to do better,” said Melody Thi, one of the hip hop team captains. It takes heart to be on the hip hop team, and that is something all four captains possess. 

Don Lugo gave these 4 captains the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and discover who they are. They were able to get involved and discover a passion that would bring forth some of the best memories of their high school life.  

Hip hop has become an escape from reality, it helps relieve any stress I am going through and helps take my mind off of things.”

— Sarena Jacobo

Sarena shared that she did not have prior dance experience, but after coming to freshmen orientation night and witnessing the previous hip hop team perform she knew this was what she wanted to do. Along with her good friend, and one of the team captains Sophia Martinez, they embarked in their hip hop journey together. 

“One of my favorite memories would probably be my first dance show. It was the best experience ever, I was a bit nervous but the excitement I felt was surreal, and the energy everyone had made it so much fun,” exclaimed Sophia. 

Sophia Martinez, hip hop team captain sits on the football field with a sunset in the background. “I don’t like hip hop, I love hip hop because everyone is free to be themselves. There is no judgement,” beamed Sophia. (Photo Courtesy: Sophia Martinez )

The hip hop team continues to put in the time and dedication to perfect their most recent choreography which will be performed at the next rally in November. These young women have the heart and spirit to light up any room they dance in, and are more than eager to finally be able to perform in front of an audience again. The four captains have a fun year planned for their teammates with team building, senior choreo, and overall just making new memories with the team.

The 2021-2022 school year will be one to remember for the hip hop team. “I want to inspire the team and help bring us closer together so that we can dance as one,” shared Sophia.