21 electives you don’t know enough about


Josephine Ramos, Reporter

Every student has to take an elective in order to graduate, which in theory shouldn’t be hard since Don Lugo has a high number of electives to choose from. But somehow, a mass majority of these electives are over looked. Before choosing your classes for next year, make sure you know all of your options.

Animals and Plants

  • Introduction to Agriculture- an introduction to the science of plants and animals.
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Productionyou learn the depths about the different types of plants, and flowers. You will receive a lot of hands on experiences.
  • Agricultural Projects you learn different breeds and types of animals. 
  • Floriculture a hands on class that teaches the process in which flowers are made into decorations.


Photo courtesy of Josephine Ramos
  • Introduction to Theatre Arts– this class focuses on things like the musical history of theater, and performing on the smaller scale. 
  • Advanced Theatre- performing on a higher scale and learning the ability to take the stage with confidence.


  • Bandan interesting way to express yourself through sound and serves as a distraction to stress. Most students that join will begin to see the rest as a big family because of all the time spent together. 
  • Jazz Ensemble- a new form of music that helps you relax and express yourself. Jazz Ensemble does not march. 


Photo courtesy of Josephine Ramos
  • Dance 1,2,3-  serves as PE credit and teaches to feel the music. Recitals are open to everyone during for winter and spring show.
  • Dance 4 (hip hop)advanced dancing that performs in front of the school during the school rallies.
  • Dance 5 (dance team) advanced dancing that takes place in front of the school during the school rallies, as well as competes in dance competitions. 

Creative Arts

  •   Art Fundamentals- learn how to draw and paint properly with some back history. Explore paintings in different cultures and feelings expressed through art.
  • Drawing & Painting 1,2take drawing and painting to a higher scale and have the ability to think out of the box for creative ideas.
  •  Digital Video 1 & 2 Don Lug TV hosted every friday morning in second period. Carry the ability to be confident in front of the camera to help boost the Lugo spirit.

School Based

  • Journalism- school news paper with categories such as Commentary, Sports, Features, ect. Be the one to crack the case, and learn the ins and outs of Don Lugo. 
  • Leadership- student body that create creative ideas to help improve the school’s pride image. Activities such as rallies, spirit weeks, dances held on campus, ect.
  • Renaissance (zero period)- be present by 6:30 am and appreciate the staff, students, and help the community. Appreciation involves handmade gifts with handwritten notes as well as help the community by making senior citizens cards, hosting food drives and toy drives. Spread the Lugo Spirit. 

Future Based

  • Avid- prepare for the college state of mind and start getting a career planned out. Get help form tutors and guest speakers and cement any plans for after high school.
  • Culinary- make delicious foods whether they are new or old to you. Learn how to properly handle a knife as well as prevent illness from uncooked food. 

Help Around Campus

  • Tutor Clinic help others in any area you excel in, and be the teacher’s right hand. 
  • Library Science– help the librarian around the library.

Now with your new knowledge of electives on campus, make sure you choose the right on for you! Remember a big part of the Lugo way is to stay involved, so be sure to choose an elective you’re passionate about and stick to it.