How to track down Santa

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How to track down Santa

Lorenzo Caldera, Reporter

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Do you want to know where Santa is on Christmas? Now you can, thanks to the NORAD Santa tracker.

US Air Force Colonel Harry Shoup, also known as the “Santa Colonel”, created the original NORAD Santa tracker in 1955 after a local Sears accidentally printed the CONAD Commander-in-Chief’s hotline as Santa’s phone number.  Going along with the mistake, Shoup relayed Santa’s location to his eager callers.  Since then, the tradition has evolved into its own website that allows children to track Santa’s location across the globe. Sadly, Shoup has passed away, but some of his most joyful work lives on.

The current NORAD Santa tracker is a lighthearted program that allows otherwise unrelated organizations to help bring the Christmas spirit to kids. It’s also a pretty good way for parents to get their kids to sleep on Christmas Eve. The Santa tracker is activated on Christmas Eve, and is ran by volunteers. When anyone is on the website the first thing that pops up on the screen, is the Earth with the North pole on top,  and at the bottom right, there will be the countdown for the Santa tracker countdown till Christmas Eve has started and Santa is activated.

The site contains a sizable selection of activity and games to try. It has plenty of games and music to keep kids entertained. It also has a library with a history of how the Santa tracker started, how it works, and what NORAD does besides tracking Santa.

The Santa tracker can be reached at

The NORAD Santa tracker can be great fun for the whole family as they guide a younger sibling through the website, or just use it to keep them entertained before Christmas morning.  Either way, it’s a kind contribution to Christmas fun from an unexpected group.

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